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By Jordan Rudess and VJ Fader

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The Convergence Series

VJ Fader is a generative visual artist focusing on visualizing electronic music through audio reactive software design utilizing Epic’s Unreal Engine. In collaboration, the aesthetic for each NFT is tailor made to Jordan’s forward thinking sound production. Final video is being captured as the visual is being generated as music is playing in real-time, resulting in unique animations for Atom, Scatter, Capsule, Vapor and Ultro.

Each NFT has a fixed availability: Atom x 5, Scatter x 10, Capsule x 20, Vapor x 30 and Ultro x 40. There are only 88 units per animation. Collect all 5 core types - Atom, Scatter, Capsule, Vapor and Ultro to complete the set.


5 Unique artworks (5% Drop Chance)

This is where it all got started, its the seed of the whole collection.

Progressive electronicDensely layered Multi Meter Rocking


10 Unique artworks (10% Drop Chance)

When the nucleus of Atom split at its core, it becomes Scatter.

IndustrialTechno Percussive Morse Code Dub Bass Aggressive Animalistic


20 Unique artworks (20% Drop Chance)

The scattered elements catapult you back into another space & time.

Moody Nocturnal Funk Deep grooving Glitchy Bits Deep-in-the-pocket Down & Dirty Groove


30 Unique artworks (30% Drop Chance)

Blasting the time capsule with explosive sonic force releases what we call - Vapor.

Fretless bass Water Vaporwave Moody Strings Cinematic Hungry Munchkins Perky Mallets


40 Unique artworks (35% Drop Chance)

This is the ultimate form of letting go. Everything becomes Ultro.

Down-tempo Swingin Hypnotic Party Crowd Sugarbytes Night Club Honkey Tonk Nasty Bottom Chatter


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Coming soon, stay tuned!

NFT Drop

For the first time in Jordan Rudess’ musical career, Jordan is releasing his first collection of NFTs to his loyal fanbase. The first collection of NFTs, called The Convergence series, consists of five NFTs: Atom, Scatter, Capsule, Vapor & Ultro. Here at Nifty Underground you have the opportunity to randomly mint one of Jordan’s five NFTs. Each NFT has a specific drop chance, so with every purchase you will gain ownership of one of his five pieces. Being an owner of Jordan’s NFTs means you receive the following:


New Original music from Jordan Rudess
Audio Visual
Audio reactive visual design created by VJ Fader.
Limited amount of NFTs available in the universe - some more rare than others.


High quality, 44.1kHz 24-bit stereo AIFF-C audio files
Each NFT animation is unique - cut from a continuous generative video.
Collectable & tradable


Be a part of Jordan Rudess' community
Exclusive giveaways: Unrealeased music, footage, interviews, more NFTs
Support Jordan Rudess' artwork and musical journey

More importantly, you are one of the first to be joining Jordan Rudess on this new adventure in the NFT world; and building upon a community of passionate music and tech lovers.

"NFT's are an awesome opportunity for me to bring my creativity to a brand new space and I would very much like to invite you all to join me on this journey."