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Welcome to NiftyUnderground

NiftyUnderground is created for Jordan Rudess & fans, who share the passion for his mind-bending approach to the keyboard & his wizardry skills

We are dedicated to bringing Jordan's passion for music & technology together, in a custom platform that would allow a whole new level of interaction for his global community.

We are NiftyUnderground.
What is the Superfan NFT?
Once you collect the Superfan NFT, you will have a permanent digital record on the blockchain of your status as a Jordan Rudess Superfan
Why should I collect the Superfan NFT?

Imagine you were at The Beatles last ever live show - how would you prove you were at the gig? Apart from hanging on to a worn-out physical ticket, you have no other way of proving it.

The Superfan NFT is a POAP badge, which translates to Proof Of Attendance Protocol.

Owning a Jordan Rudess POAP badge means:

You now have a permanent digital record on the Ethereum blockchain.

You could be a winner of Jordan's future random giveaways (such as future NFTs, unreleased music and digital artwork).

You will have front row, exclusive news about future Jordan NFT drops.

More importantly, you are one of the first to be joining Jordan Rudess on this new adventure in the NFT world; and building upon a community of passionate music and tech lovers.

"NFT's are an awesome opportunity for me to bring my creativity to a brand new space and I would very much like to invite you all to join me on this journey."